Friday, September 1, 2017

And--when the going is good--when the juices are flowing, when something says, “you’re on the right track”, to continue with infinite possibilities to keep creating.

 As a Yoga teacher and student of Buddhist meditation for over thirty years I try to refine my ability to pay attention to the right things, and to respect and take care of the great artistic and creative gift we have all been given--our bodies, the houses we live in.  So I am jazzed, awed, perplexed at the miracle of our human form, the face, and our own personal expression you will see in my work.

 Art (yes! I capitalize it) for me is a joyful spiritual practice that helps me stay in the present moment.  I work in clay, mixed media, monoprints, collage and painting, and I’m constantly exploring new realms.  It’s a continued long journey of learning technique, developing skill, getting to know a medium--its strengths and weakness, and my own.   I acknowledge the dark side, the shadow, but ultimately I try to look for the good in art, yoga, life and others.

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